I removed Google Analytics. Why?

I removed Google Analytics. Why?

First things first. Most important for me is:

Our privacy

Google Analytics is a first thing that comes to mind when you think about tracking your app or webpage. It’s free, big, and it’s used ubiquitously. It comes with the Google quality. Where is the fallback?

Google is the largest ad-tech company in the world, so it constantly sells our data. While you could use it to understand how your users use the application, Google might use it differently. There is no way to know how, but Google asks you to trust. We can only guess...

I could be trusting it with my data (I do not though). But not yours. So there will be no Google Analytics in my products again. Sorry Google.

There is also some amount of technical stuff to be considered:

It slows down the speed

Because of "more than 53% of all sites on the web track their visitors using Google Analytics", it's usually cached, but anyway there are always requests between your page and the server. And any new data has to be processed. Downloaded code is also packed with the features, most site-owners will never use.

Not so efficient

Due to its ubiquity, a lot of tracking-blocking systems simply are not allowing Google to collect any data from the users.

Some ending words

But if you can't afford yourself to buy a server or a good paid analytic tool, there are not a lot of choices:

  • No tracking. This website has none, for example.
  • Ask some strangersfriends to host one of the open-sourced solutions.
  • You can try to keep trialling some analytic tools. I'm not sure if it's going to work though.
  • And YandexGoogle Analytics.

As you can see, sometimes you don't have much choice. There is an important note to understand: it's not bad to use GA in your product - nothing is completely bad - but if you want to live in a better world, think about what matters to you and what might to your users.

There is still a lot of info I haven't covered in this article. About policies, for example. It's because it doesn't matter to me so much. But I left a lot of links, so you will find your way around here.

Thank you for attention and have a great life now. See ya!

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