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Who am I

I'm a front-end developer with about 6 years of experience and bachelor's in math. In case this text is not up-to-date there is a link for my CV below.

What am I good at

I like things to be beautiful. And I think I have a feeling of it. This site and all of my projects were designed by me both for how-it-looks and how-it-works parts.

From the technical side, I do really like JavaScript. There are a lot of good frameworks I am good with, like Svelte, Angular or React, but I like plain JS and Svelte most. I had a lot of projects with WebGL and Three.js - browser, mobile and desktop apps, games. My CSS3 and HTML5 are strong. I still care about semantics, cross-browser compatibility and accessibility - you can always check it in my Git. I've got a feeling about Web Components and functional programming - I learn it in my spare time. Most complete stack of technologies I know how to use is in the CV.

What do I do now

I learn functional programming using JS and Elm, design, develop and promote my products and contribute to some other projects.

What am I seeking for

Soulmates. Exploring the world. Something valuable. Becoming better self.

How to reach me

If you want to show me some good-looking positions, the best way would be to fill the special form just below. Otherwise try this: LinkedIn, Email, Skype.